Between the volume of activity in and around refineries, lift stations, transportation, onboarding, offloading and others, there are many scenarios where producers may or may not know who is on-site. The ability to integrate at a manned or unmanned terminal will provide record of who is there, how they followed procedure and if they created damage or spillage. WCSI’s unified monitoring platform can be extended to:

  • EBM (Exception Based Monitoring)
  • Device Alert Monitoring and Notification
  • LEL Sensor Alert Monitoring and Notification
  • Literally any Contact Point, Device or Sensor Monitoring and Notification

Our innovative platform can integrate with your terminal devices to turn on and record every action, personnel and vehicle. These assets, especially unmanned, are at high risk and requir better surveillance than traditional video. Some of our customers, through dispatch, allow local authorities access for evaluation prior to arrival at the location.

WCSI Customer

“Our field operations team can visualize location conditions at any time but most importantly at alert notification. If there is trespassing (for theft or vandalism), we know to notify the local sheriff, we are neither trained nor equipped to manage hostile situations.”


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