General WCSI FAQ

What is a Unified Monitoring Platform?

WCSI’s technology platform is an appliance that offers a secure integration point for all your monitoring needs:

  • Inbound Information includes:
    Video, Automation Data, Non-Automation Data, Sensors, Contact Points, Internal Facility and External Facility…basically any and all electronic data on and around the last mile site.
  • WCSI Monitoring Platform:
    An appliance that integrates with all inbound information producers. Our platform collects and manages the traffic, formats the information into meaningful notifications, then prepares it for delivery.
  • Outbound Information Includes:
    All the items in Inbound, then after the information is prepared for delivery, securely delivers the information to the consumers. This reduces or eliminates the need to export from vendor proprietary data structures.

This approach introduces a third tier in the remote site data and video collection architecture.

How Does WCSI’s Accomplish This?

WCSI developed our platform on a “Store Forward” design. Instead of traditional request architecture, we collect everything local and then push it forward.

Remember when, if you're old enough, emails first came out and you were using dial-up to connect to the Internet? All the emails you wrote were saved locally on your computer. Once you connected, all your incoming email came in, while all your sent emails would go out. This is the basic concept of store forward.

This approach greatly increases data collection results with local inbound connectivity, as opposed to remote requests.

The Future with WCSI

WCSI is working on a number of new features and enhancements. Here are a few examples of our projects.

12 Megapixel HD Camera
Working in conjunction with our PTZ Infrared 27x SD or HD Camera. The PTZ camera moves, zooms in and captures events where they occur while the 12 Megapixel HD camera covers the entire site. This solution provides both event specific video and overall site coverage.

Increased Video Storage
Required with HD recording. WCSI is testing field rated SSID storage to provide up to 30+ days of local storage. Our architecture, with the store forward technology, will allow our customers to remotely request the higher resolution video on demand when an event occurs.

High Resolution on Request
Most solutions in the market can only stream HD video (which is costly) or require you to go to the site and download the HD video, WCSI lets you request the video in timed intervals to be delivered from your remote site(s) to your office on demand.

It is our challenge to continue to enhance our features for our customers. There are many other project on the board, keep coming back to the website to see what has been released.

Why Would Any Energy Company Care?

When data and video are collected locally, they are much less reliant on communications being available at the time of the request. Communications are at best unreliable in most remote locations.

Our platform collects all data locally at the site, and then sends the data and video forward in bursts. Our platform never has to re-request data, we have it stored.

In traditional automation solutions, a centralized server requests data from the remote devices (Polling) and returns the result. If for any reason the information does not come back, it must re-poll for the missing data whilst it must also receive the current data. This causes significant demand on bandwidth and latency on critical information.

The technology is here today to better manage the entire data and video infrastructure in a unified approach.

Once the WCSI Appliance is on the site location, what else can it be used for?

With one PTZ camera, you can only see line of site. WCSI can extend the infrastructure out literally as far as you can hop IP radios. The following are a few examples of how:

  • Intelligent Dependent Device
    Connects with primary appliance, PTZ infrared 27x optical camera, motion board and all the capabilities. Shares communications with primary.
  • Dependent Device
    Connects with primary appliance, non-PTZ camera with motion board. Shares communications with primary.
  • Basic Dependent Device
    Connects to primary, non-PTZ camera without motion board. Shares communications with primary.
  • IP Camera
    Streams video to primary. Shares communications with primary.

Each remote site can be configured with one Primary Device and many dependent devices and/or IP cameras. This approach can fully cover the site and assets near the site in one managed solution.