From gathering systems to main trunk lines, there exist miles of critical asset exposure. SCADA and Automation will provide critical processing information, alerts and shutdown. The pure volume of unmanned storage, lift stations, compression sites, interconnects and more create a risk exposure to your organization. Exception based monitoring can be provided to your operations, alerting when conditions change, including:

  • EBM (Exception Based Monitoring)
  • Device Alert Monitoring and Notification
  • LEL Sensor Alert Monitoring and Notification
  • Literally any Contact Point, Device or Sensor Monitoring and Notification

Our innovative unified monitoring platform can coexist with existing infrastructure providing controllable, programmable non-SCADA visual monitoring integrated with current systems. Our technology can be configured to act as a Modbus slave providing a visual component fully integrated with your ops center, eliminating waiting until personnel arrive to visualize conditions or watching 24x7 video feeds.

We record every minute of every hour of every day. When an incident occurs, you can request the timeframe you desire to view. For example: Fifteen minutes prior to incident to thirty minutes post incident for a segment of time. Scanning through hours of video looking for the incident occurrence will no longer be necessary.

Additionally, management, HSE, security and operations can view real time incident remediation without requiring video viewing software, thus providing access to key departments who may have never visited the facilities.

WCSI Customer

“Our executive management team was able to evaluate an incident where an environmental issue occurred. The ability to view the teams, which were dispatched during the remediation phase of the situation was important. One of the managers stated that they had never been to the field site and had no idea what it looked like!”


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