O&G Award

Well Checked systems not only monitor for unexpected activity but are also able to routinely patrol and record all activity for user-defined periods and record these videos in the Cloud for playback and review at any time. These systems greatly reduce risk from unauthorized entry and activity as well as assist in the diagnosis of any equipment failures or breakdowns before they occur. Customers are only alerted to what each customer defines as important activity to them and the service is entirely customizable on a per client and per site basis. Alerts are also customizable by each customer user.

O&G Award - Tulsa World

In June, i2E closed on a $1.4 million Series A preferred equity investment in Well Checked Systems International, a Tulsa-based company that specializes in event-driven, remote well site video monitoring and reporting. SeedStep angels and other investors joined the round.

Using satellite technology and proprietary, cloud-based software, the Well Checked system zooms in and records high quality images of every important aspect at the well site, day or night, 365 days a year.

“We can come into a well site, stand our tripod, drop our motion sensors and leave in a day,” said Mike Haines, Well Checked co-founder and CEO. “We supply everything — from the communications and power to all the equipment. We help people see their well sites.”


Oil and gas operations often function on continuous, 24-hour schedules, while enduring both natural elements and influence from unexpected factors. Monitoring these processes can be vital to keeping things operating smoothly, and identifying causes and factors when things go awry.

Well Checked offers a service touted by users, supported by insurers, and featuring some of the latest technological monitoring advances. One company is making a name through thorough monitoring with reliable backup and customizable results.