What if you could extend your pumper routes from an average of 15 site visits twice a day to an average of 45 sites a day with 48 visits a day? You can truly reduce LOE while introducing a unified monitoring platform that can be extended to:

  • EBM (Exception Based Monitoring)
  • Device Alert Monitoring and Notification
  • LEL Sensor Alert Monitoring and Notification
  • Literally any Contact Point, Device or Sensor Monitoring and Notification

Our innovative unified monitoring platform can integrate with your RTU, HMI or directly with devices to produce Video on Alerts at any location, Backhaul Automation Data, Broadcast Data Directly to Consumers (Engineers, Operations, Pumpers, Security, Anyone) in a non-vendor specific ACSII format and/or in conjunction with our video Patrols.

A pumper can remotely visit the site and see tank levels, pressures, and temperatures in data or graphical format. We are not replacing your automation, we only broadcast it directly to the users to have a comprehensive visual and analytical current condition remotely.

WCSI Customer

“Our remote sites do not require daily pumper routes, we monitor all conditions with automation and WCSI. Other than routine maintenance, our pumpers are on a call-out only basis. This approach has increased our site management performance and reduced our operational expenses.”


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