Upstream: Operations

"The last mile" in the energy field relates primarily to unmanned assets in the upstream and midstream energy industry. Production chain performance maximizes product recovery for the downstream consumers. The current unmanned asset paradigm creates a "distance" between producer and source production.

Exception Based Monitoring (EBM) is the component in the last mile that can change the paradigm and reduce LOE (Lease Operating Expense). The use of visual monitoring at events and at defined intervals gives producers the ability to trust and understand the well site is healthy.

WCSI Customer:

Our investor’s objective is to reduce or enhance cost utilizing technology. WCSI allowed us to extend our pumper routes. Instead of driving by a site twice a day to see nothing wrong, we integrated WCSIs Unified Monitoring Platform along with our Automation to reduce pumper visits to a few times per week or on dispatch…we can see that 90% of the time there are no issues, but with WCSI we are notified when issues exist, see what the issue is and then dispatch the correct resource for resolution.