Upstream: Security

Safety and Security - The ability to protect production assets is of increasing importance. WCSI’s “Unified Monitoring Platform” provides:

  • Video Patrols – 24 hours a day every 30 minutes (Well Checks)
  • Video Events – At sensor trigger on a change of condition
  • Video Real-Time – On-demand streaming

Exception Based Monitoring (EBM) changes the paradigm from watching video 24 hours a day in remote locations where bandwidth is expensive, to receiving an alert if or when there is an incident, so your team can take immediate action.

Energy Ink Magazine:

Eric Sharpe of Energy Ink Magazine writes that property crime in North Dakota rose 19% from 2011 to 2012. He added, "part of the problem is oil companies are so busy they don't have the time or personnel to properly secure their own property," and that the theft was ongoing.