Artificial Intelligence
Constant Monitoring
Video History
Global Coverage

Case Study

Over $1,000,0000 saved in first 12 months of implementation

The Pauper paradigm

When you’re out of time
you waste time

trying to make time.

more time

For every 32 hours of time on duty, Well Checked saved 24. What will you do with an extra three days?

Produce more

Our customer saw production increase as they were able to ensure more uptime despite spending less time in the field

Stay off the road

Spend less time behind a wheel and more time preventing a problem.

Operating with Intention

Operating with Intention is more than just cameras. It is intelligent video designed to save you time.

24 / 7/ 365

Video is recorded 24/7/365 and analyzed using intelligent software to show you what’s important.

Intelligent Notifications

Analytics that go beyond motion, frequency and volume to communicate what is happening on site only when it matters to you.

Install Anywhere

Network agnostic. System installations available anywhere in North and South America.

Hassle Free

Our comprehensive training, online support and maintenance provide a worry-free experience.

How does it work?

“Our investor’s objective is to reduce or enhance cost utilizing technology. WCSI allowed us to extend our pumper routes. Instead of driving by a site twice a day to see nothing wrong, we integrated WCSIs Unified Monitoring Platform along with our Automation to reduce pumper visits to a few times per week or on dispatch…

We can see that 90% of the time there are no issues, but with WCSI we are notified when issues exist, see what the issue is and then dispatch the correct resource for resolution.”

Director of Operations, Utica Shale

“Our pad site must be fully integrated or we will not utilize an outside-the-integration product or technology. WCSI’s ability to integrate at the RTU receiving LEL notifications, moving the camera to the sensor and creating the video or LiveView capabilities, provides an open architecture to integrate for a comprehensive approach.”

Production Foreman, Permian Basin

“They were able to display my tank levels, pressures and temperatures on the same screen when the patrols (Well Checks) occurred every 30 minutes on my smart phone. I knew when it was time to head to the site or dispatch a hauler.”

Production Foreman, Stack and Scoop

“Our remote sites do not require daily pumper routes, we monitor all conditions with automation and WCSI. Other than routine maintenance, our pumpers are on a call-out only basis. This approach has increased our site management performance and reduced our operational expenses.”

VP of Exploration, Utica Shale

“When a catastrophic event occurs, whether it is a fire or a thief, the last thing I want my people to do is to arrive at a location that is hazardous to them personally. If they are unable to see the condition of the site, they could be walking into a harmful situation.”

EHS Supervisor, Delaware Basin

“Processing was reporting to be fine but we were still losing crude somewhere in the system, it just did not make sense. The WCSI technology caught a pumper pushing crude in the saltwater tank and found out he was selling it in the market.”

Production Supervisor, Eagleford Basin

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