Case Study

Over $1,000,0000 saved in first 12 months of implementation

The Pauper paradigm

Those who have no time
waste time
trying to create time.

more time

For every 32 hours of time on duty, Well Checked saved 24. What will you do with an extra three days?

Produce more

Our customer saw production increase as they were able to ensure more uptime despite spending less time in the field

Stay off the road

Spend less time behind a wheel and more time preventing a problem.


A Natural Gas Producer wanted to replace daily drive time, with the goal of reduction in visits to once/month

Result: Natural Gas Producer saves about 24 hours for every 8 hours spent monitoring and saved over $1M annually in costs

Company Information
  • Primarily Wet Gas Production
  • Oil and Gas Upstream business
  • Approx. 200 well sites
  • >$2B in Sales
  • >300 Employees
  • Utica/Marcellus Basin
  • Top 10 natural gas producer in the United States
  • Video monitoring and cloud services

Decrease Drive Time, Increase Site Visibility

A Gas Producer in the Northeast is a leader in utilizing technologies to reduce the lease operating costs for natural gas production. Over the last three years, this company has used WellChecked and other technologies to increase their MCF production per dollar spent in lease operating costs quarter over quarter.  

Prior to implementing WellChecked the production company utilized manpower to visit each of their sites daily. Visiting every site was a key part of the production, security and safety strategy for the company. Utilizing WellChecked’s Video Monitoring, each site is constantly recorded over a 7 day period and every 30 minutes over a 90 day period. Utilizing the WellChecked cloud system all 200 sites are viewed daily from a central network operations center utilizing 2 people and recordings are stored in the cloud every 30 minutes through the 24 hour day.

The Production Obstacle

The Gas Producer has their production sites spread across 2000 square miles with some 350,000 net leasehold acres and some of the locations 2 hours away from the service headquarters. Even with the varied locations, daily site checks were required to keep each site producing effectively, safely and securely. Additionally, every site is a possible environmental hazard that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up if an accident were to occur, so eyes on each site is mandatory.

As the Gas Producer grew and additional sites were added, visiting each site daily would have otherwise required more pumpers. A certain number of pumpers are needed for a field no matter which technologies are implemented. By contrast, utilizing video creates a larger well count per pumper and service technician than would otherwise be required. This premise has been proved for this Utica production company with over $1 million dollars in savings per year.

Save Time and Money with More Visibility

The Gas Producer believes that the WellChecked Video Monitoring product provided the video clarity and interface to make it possible to stop driving to each location. Not only does the Video Monitoring product provide a constant eye on the site 24 hours a day, but it keeps a video history of what the site looked like at the top and bottom of the hour. Physically driving to each location provides producers a 30 minute view of a site once a day, whereas WellChecked provides a visual status of the site twice a day for a pumper from a central location with NO DRIVE TIME within a Network Operations Center as an example.  

Therefore production changed their schedules saving a tremendous amount of time while getting better visibility of each site. This meant that the company spent more time maintaining each well increasing production effectiveness, and ultimately it meant a decrease in staff to provide a better output at a lower cost.


The Gas Producer was able to drill wells quickly while not having to increase staff. In addition, their company acquisitions become less of an issue when the ongoing maintenance is handled centrally and provides more visibility of the activities on the site. This is especially helpful when acquiring unknown sites with unknown habits of the service technicians. 

Decrease Your Costs Today

Contact us at WellChecked so that we can help you reduce your production costs while increasing your site visibility. You can utilize your talent to increase your production efficiency rather than using them to drive site to site.