Remote oil & gas wells throughout Texas use award-winning ADPRO PRO E-PIR (passive infrared) detectors from Xtralis.

Well Checked Systems International evaluated several leading PIR and perimeter protection products and selected the ADPRO PRO E-PIR (passive infrared) detectors to provide primary perimeter protection for oil & natural gas well site owners, pumpers, and operators in remote locations.

Well Checked provides active video monitoring, reporting, alerts, and data storage to ensure well sites are secure and operating at maximum efficiency. Well Checked relies on ADPRO PRO E-100H PIR detectors to provide absolute motion detection at well entrances as well as monitoring the vital loading and gauging (measuring) areas within a remote well site.

“We used beam technology in the past, but it is a flawed sensor as it doesn’t follow the terrain and people can go under/over the beam to gain unauthorized, unmonitored entry. We trust our sites to PRO detectors time and time again because they provide extremely reliable perimeter & intrusion detection,” commented Mike Haines, CEO and Founder of Well Checked Systems International.

“The ADPRO PRO E-detectors are easy to install, resilient in harsh environments, and connect easily to our Well Checked systems,” continued Haines.

PRO E-PIRs provide a reliable security event trigger for perimeter protection, staff protection, fraud, theft, and shrinkage prevention. At the earliest point of detection, PRO E-PIRs will alarm to the Well Checked security systems and trigger camera monitoring, recording, and local response.

In addition, when operating staff arrives on site, PRO E-PIRs will alert management from a remote location, to ensure employees are properly outfitted with appropriate work attire and safety gear to provide a safe work environment. This immediate detection capability ensures total protection of a remote site while also ensuring on-site personnel are authorized and safe to work.

ADPRO PIRs are tuned to detect human intrusion including people walking, running, or crawling toward or in a protected area; and therefore significantly reduces the risk of theft at a remote site.  Other PIRs will constantly false alarm from animals, weather, or other threat anomalies.

False alarms are essentially eliminated and real threats are always caught. PRO E-PIR detectors also feature 360 Protect™ capabilities, which detect and alarm for any potential threat approaching the detector from any direction, including behind the installation. Masking and tampering are also thwarted with embedded device monitoring technology.

The PRO E-PIR detectors are also vital to Well Checked to prevent copper theft. Increasingly, thieves are targeting remote locations for theft of valuable cooper wire. The very early detection by PRO E-PIRs of these threats not only protects business continuity, but also valuable assets.

ADPRO PRO E-PIRs provide maximum detection rate with the ability to detect a fraction of a degree temperature variance from the background environment. Unlike the case with Active IR beams, an intruder cannot breach the perimeter by simply digging underneath or going above the IR beams.

PRO-E 100H provides 150 meter reach, providing up to 35% cost savings versus competing PIR detectors. The ADPRO PRO E PIR portfolio is unmatched with innovative features such as 360PROtect for zero creep zone, 3D tamper protection for twisting detection, iCommission for one-man installation, and wireless communication.

ADPRO PRO E-series detectors achieve unsurpassed performance even under precarious environmental conditions. The ADPRO PRO E-series PIR detectors are available in a variety of models to optimally address your perimeter, performance, and budget needs.


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