Centralized Polling Leaves Your Production Vulnerable

EdgeStack eliminates your centralized polling, secures your digital communications, and provides unmatched collection frequency. No more missed time frames, no need to do demand scans.

All your data is collected when you need it, every time, even if the communication to the well site goes down.

Use the SCADA you have

Why would you eliminate what you have invested thousands of hours and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars integrating into your business?

EdgeStack secures your SCADA; it doesn’t eliminate it


Global bad actors are attacking vital parts of our national infrastructure – your company included. Whether it is because you provide a valuable resource or for purely financial gain, they will test your security.

Change your security, not your SCADA

Well Checked has implemented the EdgeStack security technology into our secure video collection and transmission hardware. Secure your physical location as well as your digital footprint.

Being the target doesn’t mean
being the victim

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