Remote oil and gas wells throughout Texas use ADPRO PRO E-PIR (passive infrared) detectors from Xtralis.

Well Checked Systems International evaluated several PIR and perimeter protection products and selected the ADPRO PRO E-PIR (passive infrared) detectors to provide perimeter protection for well site owners, pumpers, and operators in remote locations. Well Checked provides video monitoring, reporting, alerts, and data storage for well sites. Well Checked uses ADPRO PRO E-100H PIR detectors to provide motion detection at well entrances as well as monitoring the vital loading and gauging (measuring) areas within a remote well site.

Mike Haines, CEO and Founder of Well Checked Systems International, said the firm had used beam technology, but called it flawed as sensors don’t follow the terrain and people can go under or over the beam to gain unauthorised entry. He said: “We trust our sites to PRO detectors time and time again because they provide extremely reliable perimeter & intrusion detection. The ADPRO PRO E-detectors are easy to install, resilient in harsh environments, and connect easily to our Well Checked systems.”

PRO E-PIRs provide a security event trigger for perimeter protection, staff protection, fraud, theft, and shrinkage prevention. At the earliest point of detection, PRO E-PIRs will alarm to the Well Checked security systems and trigger camera monitoring, recording, and local response. When operating staff arrives on site, PRO E-PIRs will alert management from a remote location, so that staff are properly outfitted with safety gear.

ADPRO PIRs are tuned to detect human intrusion including people walking, running, or crawling toward or in a protected area; and thus the makers say reduce the risk of theft at a remote site. PRO E-PIR detectors also feature 360 Protect, which detects and alarms for a potential threat approaching the detector from any direction, including behind the installation. Masking and tampering are also thwarted with embedded device monitoring.

The PRO E-PIR detectors are also vital to combat copper theft. Thieves are targeting remote locations for theft of cooper wire. The early detection by PRO E-PIRs of these threats not only protects business continuity, but also assets, the product company adds. Visit


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